Dr. Gustav Weder is a unique personality who has excelled in both business and sports.

In business, he is a respected expert in organizational development, leadership development and executive talent management with over 25 years of experience in large international companies. With his expertise, he contributes significantly to their sustainability. He is an experienced organizational developer and executive coach as well as a proven expert in performance optimization. He holds degrees in economics and psychology (M.A.) and a doctorate in political and social sciences (Ph.D.). More information on his professional career on LinkedIn

Prior to his career in business, Dr. Gustav Weder built an impressive legacy in sports. He owned and piloted a bobsled racing team, where he was known for building strong teams and for his mental excellence in competition, as well as for developing the best sports equipment. His athletic career culminated in him becoming a two-time Olympic champion and multiple world champion. 

His dual experience in business and sports gives him a unique perspective on optimizing the performance of organizations, teams and individuals. These experiences have shaped his perspective regarding leadership development and executive talent management, enabling him to drive sustainable excellence in organizations.

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